Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Did All The Lead People Go?

Some of you may have asked yourself this question while visting ISLP. I realize that the miniatures traffic has gone a little slow on this blog lately, but worry not, I have not abandoned my little metal friends.Truth be told, I have a couple of things going on in my life that are making it a bit more difficult to do the whole miniatures thing.

First there was my discovery of OSR stuff and the re-aquainting of myself with my RPG roots. The gaming circles I move in are not overly RPG enthusiastic and so it is rare that I get to engage in that pastime. My gaming pals are great but their tastes lay more toward board games and then miniatures. They will play but, with the exception of one of them, RPGs are not so much their thing. This has made blogging a welcome and useful outlet for this little journey I have set out on.

Then there are my attempts at writing gaming material again. Though the project is nowhere near worth talking about, I can say that I am trying to put together a supplement for one of the recent OSR offerings and hope to get it put together into something worth at least posting for free or maybe even on Lulu for print on demand. I promise that when I have details I'll let you know, but right now it's just too early to get into it. I'd hate for it to vaporize and be left looking like a nub.

Finally, there has been a major adjustment to my household that has my living space turned completely upside down. I have moved a family member (my sister in law) out of my modest apartment and am moving my daughters into seperate bedrooms. Of course, with all this work needing to be done, my wife and I have decided that it was high time that we reorganized the entire place. This will eventually means a happiar, more roomy living environment and proper storage for my gaming materials, but in the meantime, the miniatures and supplies are all boxed, crated, spindled, crumpled, and otherwise distressed until the project is completed.

Thanks for your patience and the constant feedback on the posting that I do make. Your friendship and readership is important and I am glad to have ISLP considered worthy of your time.

Stick with me folks!



  1. Sounds like the blogging and thought-eperiment/old school gaming is all that's giving you an outlet if the LPs are all in boxes.

    Ever thought of just ripping out all the internal walls and just putting up anchor points for curtains? Makes room resizing a breeze :)

  2. Not only would my landlord not like that, I don't think I could get the wife and kids to buy into it :).

    I do enjoy my weekly game night still, though I have missed it the last two weeks and this week we are not doing it.

    Board games are fun and if we can ever get our game space totally organized, other forms of gaming should be easier to do because we'll have table space for more than one game going at a time.

  3. I can relate. I've been trying to work on those Fenians but keep getting side tracked with more important things.

  4. I've mentioned it several time on my blog, Life has tendency to get in the way of hobbies. Personally I like the varied content of your blog and hope you stick with it. This is the thing about being a gamer... no matter how long you get sidetracked, the game will always be there when you return.

  5. I have no intention of changing the format on the blog, but I did feel I needed to explain the change of focus a bit.

    I can't wait to get back to working on terrain and minis and my wife is trying very hard to make sure my stuff has its place in the new layout of our home.

  6. Hang in there Eli,
    Work and real life has forced my gaming fun to get put on the back burner as well. Keep up the great posts!


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