Thursday, January 7, 2010

When You Know Your Geekiness Has Contaminated Your Children

Every gaming parent comes to the realization at some point that the lifestyle they lead has an effect on their children. Here is some evidence that this has happened with my two girls.

1) When you catch the 4-year old having her My Little Ponies discussing having Care Bears for lunch.

2) When either of your kids cries, "Not in the Face! Not in the Face!" in their best Arthur voice instead of saying "uncle"

3) Having a three-year old walk through the living room then "Drop dead" only to rise again as a brain-eating zombie.

4) When you end up with pet rodent with names like Exodar and Cheeks the Velocihamster.

5) When you tell your child she made her poison save after trying her mother's new recipe and she responds, "That means I only take half damage?"

All these make one smile and worry a bit all at the same time.

I love my girls,



  1. hahahahhaha my daughter wants to play the game too. I LOVE Cheeks! Oh and my daughter thinks she is a wizard who can kill the witch and she has power in her wand.. but that's normal right ;)

  2. ...or when your 4 year old daughter beats you (twice!) at Zombies! because she's worked out a better strategy than you... sigh.

  3. The poison save is priceless.


  4. Even my wife thinks that was funny.


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