Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should I Split My Blog In Two?

Before I head to bed, I thought I'd put a thought out to my readers.

It has occured to me that I have been including a lot more RPG content on I See Lead People which, admitedly began life as a miniatures hobby blog. I am not adverse to running a blog with gaming and geeky diversity on it but I was concerned that I may have cluttered up the blog and even disenfranchised some of my regulars. This may not be true, but I don't do this blog just for myself.

So, to this end, I have added a pole asking whether or not you folks out there think I should break the content on I See Lead People into two different blogs - one for miniatures and one for RPGs?

Thanks and nighty night!



  1. I went yes on this. I stopped being a RPG player years ago so have little interest in this side of the hobby except for the figures used in the games so I can collect them for SOBH.

    I took the plunge with the 2mm side of my hobby as it is significantly different to the rest of the blog and will also split off the 15mm Aztec side as that is fact not fiction.

    Using Microsoft Live Writer means keeping the two blogs updated is a simple as a drop down selection and it is happy to link from on to the other as required.

    Go for it :-)


  2. I am interested in both. If you do decide to split it into two that's up to you. I have found by adding RPG traffic to my blog that I get more interest.

  3. I am young enough to remember the letters in "Battle" (back in the 70's) about fantasy gaming v historical gaming. Frankly, I don't care about the argument. Some RPG players may try out historical gaming and vice versa. The closed minded will yell "heresy" anyway and for my part I enjoy both and encourage the pupils at my School Club "not to knock it until you've tried it". Some weeks it is DBA or WW", others Judge Dredd and D&D, I encourage both. It's a hobby and fun, enjoy yourselves, life is too short!
    TTFN, Michael :)

  4. Andrew,

    Thank you for your input here. The results, so far, seem almost neck in neck. I am curious how much of an issue the presence of RPG material on ISLP is for you? Is this one of those things that makes it less desirable for you or is it simply a matter of glancing over the RPG posts and getting to the stuff you really like?

    Also, I do not have any experience with MS Live Writer so, can't comment on that.


  5. I also hit the 'Yes' button... even though it means yet another blog to watch. You are capable of generating plenty of content so it should not be a problem.

  6. So far there is no clear leader on this a difference of a single vote keeps the issue very much in question.

    Of course, if I do split the blogs, I will not be moving the content off of ISLP as I do not want to disturb any links people may have to psts there. I will simply continue on the new blog and post links to the older content on ISLP.

  7. i see keep the blog united

    armchair general said it best;

    many people are interested in BOTH topics; therefore, it is convenient to have a single location for information

    readers can always skip over posts in which they have little interest

  8. I like both. Why create more work? This is a hobby. Enjoy it. I vote No.

  9. So far this has been interesting to watch. The poll is about even with "No" pulling out a bit toward the end of the night here.

    One thing I am curious about is why people are voting "Yes"? So far the there hasn't been any clear expression of any reason why they would not want mixed content. ADB has come closest, but even in his case it was more a "why not" than an actual, "Yes, get that chocolate out of my peanut butter!"

    I am inclined to believe that most readers are going to be happy either way as they have been all along.

  10. I voted 'no', then again I'm a bit biased to the mixed chocolate/peanut butter format.

    Readers who can't stand RPG posts can just skip 'em, readers who aren't RPGers (and can stand them at least a little bit) might get something out of reading them after all.

    One more blog is just one more for the rest of us to keep up with,'s just more work for you. You've already got a roster of 70+ peeps here, so just tweak ISLP and roll on...

  11. The poll is starting to show a clear bias in one direction now.

    You mentioned tweaking ISLP, Mik, was there anything specific you had in mind?


  12. Not sure how, but Mik's comment on this subject posted to a different post. Here is what he said,

    "Nothing much, maybe a little facelift here and there, and make a tad more 'universal' across the spectrum instead of pure minis, you know?"

    He also said if it aint broke don't fix it. And that I think is the most important thing. The poll is demonstrating a trend toward leave it alone and I have to figure the folk that voted for the split are voting based on preference, not perception of need. Also, I really should have included a neutral selection in the poll.

    As far as a face lift I am working on giving it a bit of a spiffing up, but I don't want it to get too busy. The basic format leaves me a lot of freedom for posting pics and such without making it an eye sore.

    I'm curious how it could be made more universal. It tends to be pretty much stream of consciousness for me and I have posted what was on my mind at the time. This has meant that the subject matter might spend a week or so dominated by this or that, but it does change and there are posts on different topics here and there.

    Keep the feedback coming. This place is as much for you guys and it is for me.


  13. My hobby blog has both miniatures and RPG material, and I don't think people mind. One blog is easier and allows you to continue adding content as your hobby interests waxes and wanes.


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