Sunday, November 1, 2009

Camera Missing


My blog may get a bit less pretty for a bit. My camera has gone walkies. Fortunately the camera was ancient and in need of replacing so the loss is not too great, though that means my ability to take pics is limited to snaps on my camera phone or the occasion when I can borrow one from a friend. I will continue to blog and post pics as they become available.

Thanks for you patience,



  1. Oh man, we're having major camera problems too. It shuts off for no reason, and seems to be draining batteries within minutes. I really hope we don't have to replace it. I once left it on a train from Philly to Maryland. I thought it was gone for sure, but it actually made it's way to the lost and found! I had to travel down to Union Station in DC to pick it up, but I did get it back.

  2. Wouldn't worry about it mate - plenty of blogs have just text.

    You have some quality thoughts & ideas and they are always worth sharing - pics or not,


  3. I've had camera issues for a bit myself. Was hoping to fix that at Christmas. Course that was before the Oven, Dishwasher and range top died! *sigh*
    Doing our part for the economy I suppose. ; )


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