Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Find - Mad About Gaming

Howdy all,

Thought it was time to pimp another fine blog that I found someplac out there (where do we usually find these?). The blog is called Mad About Gaming, and judging by the author Dave's insane tables. What stuck me about this blg is the wonderfully expansive 15mm gaming tables that Dave has built FROM SCRATCH. Block upon block of Middle Eastern style buildings, lush natural terrain pieces and even sme handy WIP and how-to posts. Check out his quick way of doing his buildings.

Good stuff Dave,



  1. Great find. His game boards are stunning.


  2. Cheers Eli good to get the feedback, just aload of sheep and small children here normally and they are all looking at me funny, feel free to use whatever pics you want from the blog.
    Sitting in a hotel room in Dublin drinking vodka at the moment(sheep and children are at home!) getting ready to put on a game of Ambush Alley tommorow.
    Dave from madaboutgaming.

  3. Simply amazing looking terrain !


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