Thursday, July 30, 2009

Promising Young Blog - D.C. 2150

While checking out the comments left on my own blog, I was led to a great, brand spanking new blog call D.C. 2150. So far it's a great mix of commentary and some nice pictures.

The blog covers the author's home brewed post-apocalyptic setting. So far there have been some miniatures comparisons, discussion on the factions to be used in play and even a snippet on scenery.

I'll be watching this one.

Welcome D.C. 2150!




  1. Good call, Eli, that looks really interesting. I am tempted to dig out my 15mm sci-fi for a spot of Mutants and Death Ray Guns now.

  2. Glad you think so.

    MDRG huh? Are there any blogs devoted to that game? I picked it up a while back and have never played it. I liked some of what I saw in there, but the weapons rules seemed over simplified.


  3. I've not seen any MDRG blogs. The rules have the potential to be real fun for a very quick game, although I still prefer Laserburn over most other sci-fi rules. My problem with MDRG is that they are a little too simple. Still, I would like to try a campaign to see how it goes. I have enjoyed the games of SoBH we have played so far and MDRG is quite similar.

  4. Cheers for the comments Eli. MDRG is a fav with some of the guys at the Post Apoc Forum link on my blog.
    Wastelands is another popular campaign rule set, and some of the guys have strung together some very interesting games.


  5. I keep hearing about Wastelands. Is it a published rules set?


  6. That's a nice blog, course I am a P.A. nut!
    Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a fun game, I got to help a tiny bit in it's early development.
    I haven't heard of Wastelands??


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