Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Poll on Terrain Design

As I am planning to start building some new buildings, I thought I'd add a bit of a pole to see what folks do with their own.

The issue whether or not I should both building removable roofs and upper floors for my buildings for my 28mm terrain. I have to admit to being on the fence about this.

On the one hand, it would be cool to be able to actually place figures inside the terrain and have windows and door be usable, but this then requires me to build open windows all around and to make the door hinged or at least open-able.

The other side of the fence tells me that in addition to the extra work, that such things might not even come into play all that often and the extra work might be wasted.

So, vote on the pole and then leave me a bit of input on your experiences. When you have buildings on the board are they there to set the scene more than provide dimension to the battle? Or, are they there to provide another layer to the game? Oooooor, are they something altogether different for you?

Let's hear it folks!




  1. I voted yes to removable roofs. We use the interiors of buildings all the time. I don't think you need to make doors that open too, but see through windows are nice. They are not essential and my 28mm modern terrain does not have them. It all still works well. If you look at some of the battle reports on my blog you will see that we have a tendency to fort up in buildings in our games, so I would always try to make the interiors playable. Of course, you could always just have a floorplan under the building so when it is occupied, you remove the building and place figures on the floor plan.

  2. I like removable roofs, but if the building can be lifted and the minis placed inside to represent defenders, that's fine too.

    That said, I have several buildings that do neither, both homemade and store bought.

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far.

    Andrew had a great comment, but appears to have removed it (by mistake?). He mentioned using a paper plan for the building that was swapped out for the building when occupied.

    One the biggest problems I have is that I like to build my terrain diorama style and plan to do so with my buildings as well. This means the buildings will likely be dressed with various foliages, accesories and other attached su-structures. Removable roofs still work for this but they do limit how flexible you can be with your diorama staging.


  4. I second the floorplan footprint idea (remove the building when figures go inside). You could use something a simple as cut construction paper: brown for a wood floor, and gray for stone.

    I removed my initial comment because Ruarigh had the same idea.

  5. Ah, thanks. That's cool. Nothing wrong with repeat input, especially when I'm polling. I'm still on the fence, though there seems to be more support for some sort of removable roof or building.

    I am just not sure if it works all that well for diorama style terrain planning. Though I suppose if you at least leave some open roofs then you can reach a nice half and half.


  6. I voted for removable roofs. The reason is I more than not play skirmish style games, so the interiors can come into play. I suppose if I was to only use the terrain for mass battles, then I would not bother with the interiors or removable roofs.


  7. I prefer the removeable roofs, but as ever depends on the time you have available...


  8. So far there is overwhelming support for removable roofs on buildings. I can see the appeal.

    Interestingly enough, I just don't see that much of it in games I've seen played or posted. I am curious if this is something people like, want, but do not play with themselves or if folks are actually using this sort of terrain more often than is being shown.

    I am considering building my buildings with removable roofs where possible. If a removable roof gets in the way of a greater "artistic vision" it may be ignored. Idoubt I'll go so far as to detail the interiors of the buildings, though - I doubt they'll be showing up often enough for that to matter.

    The main reason for removable roofs would be to have the ability to insert figs into the buildings to use available windows and such. If the removable roofs end up being more trouble than they are worth, I can always glue them down.

    Thanks for the continued support and input.


  9. In the main, I build my terrain pieces with a fixed roof. I can understand that there are many occasions where a removable roof can be a great help, but I am still yet to be fully convinced.

    Dave at The Grand Manner (a terrain manufacturer, that is based very close to where I live), is certain that removable roof is the way forward and most, if not all of his pieces are modelled (with some considerable detail) with removable floors and removable slate or thatch roof sections.

    I have one large model with a removable roof, I have never used the inside for any of my games.

    In the past I have used floor plans (off-table) to game in-house actions.

    So, in conclussion, I would say no to internal detail, for me, but I am still not convinced that I should ignore terrain or buildings that you can place miniatures in to.

    If I was to produce a terrainpiece for casting and sale, I would more-than-likely model it with a removable roof!



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