Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Interesting New Africans from Wargames Factory

Hey all,

Cruising through TMP today, I came across the announcement of the new Wargames Factory 28mm Plastic Zulus set. Now, I really have no need of Zulus but when I got to looking at the sculpts and the parts on the sprues I noticed that these figures, while making fine Zulus, are also crafted generically enough that they might make for great Pulp tribals.

Heck, with the right painting and add-on weapons they could be used for Islanders or maybe even the basis for some Stone Age warriors. Being hard plastic, multi-pose kits they are also easily customized and modified. Heck, at 30 warriors for $20 it's almost impossible to pass up!

Might have to check them out.



  1. You could use Forge of Ice's stone tipped spears and turtle shields with them...

  2. Oh yeah! If you wanted to give them a lost world or fantasy look that would work perfect.


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