Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gone Native

So, today I found myself starting a fun project during the first half of my shift at work. Yes, while at work. I work in a job that can be very hands free at times and so I sometimes have the luxury of using my hands for other things.

Today, those other things took the form of converting some very Hollywood 28mm African tribals into equally Hollywood Caribbean island dwellers. This project was a start to some pirate gaming that I am hoping to get into in the near future. While I wait for the funds to move forward with the project, I figured it might be fun to do these conversions and make use of some figures languishing in my drawers.

For the most part the conversions consisted of trimming off a number of headdresses and adding new hair. For hair I went with a dreadlocks look that seemed very island to me. On a couple others I did teased out, matted afro-looking hair. The idea I was going for was that the guys were escaped slaves and such gone island native so I wanted to add a few touches of civilizati

To this end I added a few articles of clothing to a couple of them A torn shirt here, a ragged pair of trousers there, even sculpted one guy to be wearing a single boot (thought it would be amusing). One gent got himself a fine tricorn hat and a few others got wide-brimmed floppy hats.

Overall, I am very happy with the figures and am looking forward to painting them, though that may have to wait until I can collect some weapons for them as I am not keen on having them armed just with spears.

More on these later,



  1. Eli-

    It has to be said: You keep minis in your drawers? Must be horribly uncomfortable!

    Thank you. Be here until Friday. Tip your waiters...

    periesut (my word verification)

  2. It keeps them safe from those whop take them away from me!

  3. Intringuing conversions - I really look forward for the developments of your Carribean project!

  4. I am hoping to get some WIP pics taken before I start painting, so people can see what I added. Still trying to find some guns and swords I can use.


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