Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alter-Nations - Kingdom of Hawaii Part 5


So I have received my figs from Freikorp and they look good and would be workable for my version of Hawaii if not for one small detail - lack of poses. Freikorp's line is extensive in the number of nations it covers but there are very few of their lines that include more than one pose per troop type. Now this is not horrible as that pose is usually a nice neutral advancing pose, but it also means that a larger force is really going to start looking pretty static. So, I decided to look further into other figures.

I have decided that the Paraguayans would make good reserve troops in the form of provincial militias. The shakos they wear and the basic uniforms would easily make for low cost, possibly surplus-supplied uniforms. For the regular Royal Hawaiian Army (RHA), I have decided to follow with a bit of Hawaii's real history.

Historically, Hawaii's military uniforms were drawn from those of the British Empire. J. (Victoria's Boys in Red) and I decided to blend our VSF settings and in that setting Hawaii is a protectorate of Britain and so I have decided to keep the uniform similarities there but with a few exceptions. So, to accomplish this, I will be using Colonial British uniforms and miniatures for the RHA regular troops.

I will go into more detail once I have something to show, but this should prove to be a fun army to build.


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