Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pulp Quickies

Sometimes you just come up with something quick and fun and these two little dudes are just that sort of thing. I ended up with loads of little egg shapes from the nest for the Parrot Men hut project and decided to make something besides more aerofauna.

I decided to make a couple of pulp style robots - one good, one bad.

They were both constructed rather quickly by gluing a few parts from various 1/144 helicopter models to them. On the good (silver) one I added an engine intake for the eye, a chin gun for the antenna, and a piece of the engine housing as the "backpack". It ended up looking rather simple and elegant.

The evil (black) one was made much simpler and more spartan by simply adding a headlight piece off of a tank model for the eye and leaving it at that. This gives it less character and makes it seem much less humane. I painted him with gloss black t give him that polished, jackboot look.

I think both of them will make excellent sidekick robots or even objectives in scenarios. They both seem like some sort of administrative droids or perhaps probes.

Hope you enjoy and sorry for the blurry pic. My camera didn't like the gloss and metallic finishes.



  1. Nice work, especially for a spur of the moment scratchbuild.

  2. Sometimes something just jumps out at you and you have to run with it.

  3. Really diggin the Egg Pod Pulp droids!!


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