Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heroes and Madmen

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Pulp Personalities - Big Griff, Katarina Vlasco, and Miss Nova Ilyakova. Griff is from Pulp Figures, Katarina is a Copplestone fig and Nova is from Artizan.

I have been working on some Pulp genre personalities for over a year now, but haven't had much motivation to paint them since I stopped playing any regular Pulp games. Today at work, I was able to finish up a few while things were slow (yes, I can paint at work). I have been trying my hand at shading and highlighting, but I'm still pretty new to that stuff, so I'm not all that sure how it worked. Though I have given them names, these are more just the personalities I assigned during the painting process to establish "character". They could easily stand in for any Pulp characters that were needed.


Then there is this guy. He turned out really well and has to be one of the most versatile conversions I have created. From his humble beginnings as a cast-off Celt mini in a box, he has become the perfect mini to use as a castaway, aged jungle man, wild barbarian, axe-wielding lunatic, etc..

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this latest display of what is managing to creep off my painting table.




  1. Thanks for the kudos. I love Weird War Two, though I have to say it's always hard to come up with stuff for the Allies (excepting Russia). They are just too goody goody.


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