Friday, October 17, 2008

Survival Horror Miniatures Game Development - Part One

After asking around to various video game fans, gamer friends and the miniatures community at large, it seems there are a few key things that will need to be included to make a survival horror miniatures game work. Here is a quick laundry list.

1) Pregenerated Character designed with specific motivations/objectives and
abilities for the scenario being played. This will ground the players in the
scenario and offer them a way to invest in their characters.

2) Partially scripted events, encounters, story development. This will keep things
moving along and allow for a sense of accomplishment and development which
should also aid in keeping the players vested in their characters.

3) Fear/Terror Mechanic. This is key to help reinforce the emotional responses that
the characters would have within the game that the players may not have.

4) Mystery/Uncertainty. Using "fog of war" or some random elements, the
scenario should unfold in a way that keeps the players guessing.

5) Triggered Story Events. This is a trick used in video games to move things
along. Having certain things that are triggered by accomplishments of monsters
or players keeps the players motivated and helps to build a sense of impending

This is just an initial list and will likely be refined as I work on it more, but right now I'm still in that fact-finding and brainstorming stage. It seems that the key to running survival horror as a miniatures game is to make sure that there is a definite build-up and not just a series of combats.

Did I miss anything?


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