Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gundam Miniatures Battles - Box Contents

Just a bit of an update on the Gundam project. The boxes I ordered are on their way though they may take a bit to get here from Japan. I was able to find some information on what sort of mix of figures I can expect from the boxes, so this is at least good news.

I have been told that in any given box you will receive, generally, one of each of the "grunt" mecha and possibly a few variants. The rest of the box will be made up of the rarer "special" suits. This seems a perfect mix for gaming as the grunt suits will be the most common on the battlefield. I have also been told that in most cases you can manage to accumulate the whole of any given set in about two boxes, but as I am not a collector, this is not as important to me.

It had been mentioned, by one of my sources, that the various grunt suits may come with different unit markings and paint schemes. This isn't that huge of a problem for me as I had already consigned myself to having to repaint them to get more of a tabletop mini look as opposed to the glossy model look they come with. This will allow me to standardize the schemes of the grunt suits to make them look like more of a cohesive force.

Bottom line, it looks like this project is very doable, though I am still scrambling to pick up older sets before they completely disappear.

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  1. I tried something like this a few years ago and had trouble finding those mini figures. When I did I only got some weird mobile armor. After a while I just used 1/144 gundam models and railroad scnery.

  2. I find that it is a lot easier if you buy whole boxes of them. Yes, you may get some that you don't want but for me that just means new toys for the kiddos or into the bits box.

    As an added bonus, a lot of the suits from the earlier 80's series make cracking good pulp robots. Give them a coat of chrome paint and they will will be crying "danger...danger" in no time.


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