Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back From Game Storm

It would appear that I have survived my first trip to Game Storm in Portland, OR. It was fun, educational and all around a blast.

I played boardgames I had never had a chance to before as well as some of my favorites. I played a monster game of Wings of War with sixteen players in which the Central Powers trounced us (I was stuck in the only Spad in a flight of Camels, argh!). My three-turn stand as El Presidente in a game of Junta ended with the other players making sure they had an assassin waiting at every possible location on the board. It was a horrible end, especially when I had made them fat and rich.

One of the highlights was a game that our gaming group hosted. We played a full eight-player game of Twilight Imperium with the new expansion. For six hours we plotted, fought, escalated and battled one another until finally one player one by a single victory point. I found myself in a sparce region of space and spent most of the game warring over what viable systems there were with my neighbor until both he and I had exausted our economies so much that we were pretty much unable to fight anything more than a holding action. The biggest battle of the game involved two fleets each with several dreadnoughts and TWO war suns (think death star) per side. It was marvelous to behold.

Now, on to stuff. As any good miniatures gamer should, I bought stuff. "What kind of stuff," you might ask. Well, the offerings for miniatures gamers were a bit slim as the con is primarily a board gaming convention, but I was able to find a few things.

What I consider the prize of the trip was one of Arrow Miniatures Iriquois long houses and some of the nice log pallisades.

Longhouse and Pallisade

Here is a close-up of the longhouse
Iriquois Longhouse

And here again wth my daughter for scale.

Thanks for reading and I'll have more gems from the con up as soon as I can get them into a presentable format.

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  1. Great find! With your daughter holding it up like that, it kind of looks like a roll cake...


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