Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pulp Adventures

Sorry to have been so quiet. The holidays really make it hard to post. So, while I am working on getting some new stuff ready for post, I thought I might post some of my more recent previous work that hasn't graced this blog yet. You may have caught it elsewhere but take a look here.

Recently, I have been running an ongoing series of games set in a Pulp Adventure type setting, using Rattrap Productions' ".45 Adventure" rules. A great set of rules, they keep getting better with every expansion and allow for a wide variety of games. We have been using a central cast, run by the guys in my gaming group. Below are a few of the Heroes from our game.

The daring industrialist/adventurer and his trusty righthand man.

Some of the extras that have appeared. All crewmember on the steamer ship used by our heroes.

There are also bad guys that show up as well. Like the U-boat crew below. These guys gave the heroes a real run for their money on an island populated by giant ants. Of course, both sides found themselves overrun and undergunned for fighting the mindless horror of giant insects.


Of course, no game is complete without adequate terrain and as you can see, the jungles of our adventures are well represented with some custom terrain made from natural sticks and twigs, real stones and plasic flower arrangement foliage.



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