Monday, December 17, 2007

Why The Blog

Just as I am sure many of you do, I also do not classify myelf in any particular genre of miniatures gaming. I am equally at home with a set of fantasy rules as I am historical and can swing around and do sci-fi the next day. But, this is not to say that I do not have favorites. After spending many years trudging through this system and that I have learned that there are a few things I like, and a few things I can live without.

Primary among my dislikes would be oppressive systems and the players that come with them. Though I do realise that certain games have to have some framework and theme, I do not accept the strict, often fanboyish adherence to theme, back-story or even history that a lot of players seem determined to dictate to ayone they play with. This is just distastful and often leaves me looking for a quick route away from the table. But enough about that.

In games, I really do find myself gravitating toward a game with a nice stats bar. It's an odd quirk, but I tend to get into systems where I have clearly defined numerical aspects that paint, at least, semi-detailed picture of the pieces I'm playing with. Abstraction is nice, and can certainly help things along, but if there aren't a lot of numbers before me, I tend to have a hard time connecting to the game. I think this is an attraction born of my love of tinkering with game systems. The more stats there are, the more I can wiggle this way and that and make something new or more interesting (IMHO).

With all that being said, that's what this place is about. The things I like, the fun I've had, and the stuff I and my small gaming group are working on. I may not be the most prolific poster, but I'll try to keep it going as much as my life with all its demands allows for.

I hope you will enjoy watching it grow with me, and welcome any constructive comments and feedback.



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