Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Fleets Gather...

With Krazygit's offering to the Aeronef setup, I was inspired to put something together myself. As I had notted before, I was hoping to go with something different. Using the Anatoray Battleships from Last Exile as inspiration, I cobbled some ships together from scrap balsa wood.

Using plastic sprue for detailling as well as a collection of metal brads in various sizes for turrets (along with the road wheels for some 1/72 scale tanks). The results have been crude by most modelling standards but this is a judgement made prior to any serious detail work and panting. Many of the designs are experimental and may not be put into "production" as I flesh out the fleet.

So far, I have managed to come up with a battleship, carrier, escort carrier, two types of crusiers, something I am calling an invasion barge, and what will be either a frigate or a destroyer. I've also managed to build a dreadnought, a couple more cruiser deisngs and a destroyer as well. Below is a picture showing a general idea of the theme I am going with.


The battleship and carrier are massive, with the battleship measuring 9cm long and the carrier at least 10cm. Do keep in mind that these ships are not the conventional, flat-decked style common in Aeronef, but rather are proportioned to be tall and narrow (cutting through the air easier?). The carrier is designed to be a mammoth beast with a cavernous internal landing bay. This will likely be a one of a kind ship in the fleet...okay...maybe two of a kind.

I'm not sure if these are VSF enough, and I am still working on ways to detail them properly. But this is my first stab at building ships in small scale, so who knows what will happen.


  1. Smashing job old boy! I posted a link to my blog to drag more people over here to see your 'Nefs.

  2. I like these, very 'Skies of Arcadia'.

  3. Thanks!

    Thisi s my first time working in such asmall scale and with balsa. There is a definite progression from the early experiments to the ones that come along later. The use of plastic model kit parts is helping to add some detail on the later ones.

  4. Very nice, Eli.

    BTW, we have moved from Everett down to W Seattle ('bout a year ago now).



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