Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday - Tosab

Tosab (Iguanalisk)
No. App.: Solitary
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 3 (two fists and one bite)
Damage: 1d6 (fists) and 2d6 bite
Save: L3
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: II

Mutations: Extra Limbs, Epidermal Photosynthesis. Increased Balance, Prehsensile Tail.

Tosabs or Iguanalisks, as they are sometimes known, are man-sized mutant iguanas with a bulky build. They possess six limbs - two legs and four arms, with the lower set of more muscular arms doubling as legs when needed. The Tosab is not capable of walking on two legs but when sitting or in combat, it can use its secondary arms for grasping and striking.

Tosabs, like their original animal species, are vegetarians, but they have developed a particular taste for mutant and especially intelligent plants. These reptilian creatures will hunt and devour any mutant plant they can, going so far as to track mobile plants over long distances. Being intelligent to a degree they can be crafty and often ingenious in their methods, laying crude traps and defeating locks and obstacles put out to stop them. They are not normally hostile or dangerous to non-plant life unless they are attacked.

The reason for their particular diet seems to be the need to constantly replenish the mutant chlorophyll that it carries in its own body and uses to gather energy from the sun. Thusly, the Tosab does not acquire energy from the plant matter it consumes directly but through the biochemical compounds it can steal from them.

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  1. I like it, especially like the reason for their dietary needs.
    Nice one! Good picture choice also!


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