Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mutant Menaces - Word Verification Challenge

The other day, I challaneged Bill over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild to create a monster for Mutant Future using the next blog comment word verification word he got. The idea was that we would each do one. Well, my word was impossible, and even Bill conceded that point, but he came up with these cool fellows the Untar. Personally I think he cheated, because that word is just too perfect for a Mutant Future creature.

Anyhow, I have since received another blog comment word verification word and here is the beastie I came came up with...

Rovenc (Giant Elephant Rat )

No. Enc. 1d4 (usually solitary)
Alignment : Neutral
Movement : 100' (30')
Armor Class : 8
Hit Dice : 8
Attacks : 2 or 1
Damage : 2 claws 2d6 or bite
Save : L6
Morale : 7 (10 if more than one)
Hoard Class : III

Rovenc are huge mutated rats that have leanred to make their livings eating anythign that they come in contact with. Plant or animal, it matters little to these great beasts whether their prey is living or dead as long as it will fit in their mouth. Usually solitary rovenc only come together to mate, forming small harems of a single male and up to three females. During these mating times they are very hostile and agressive and seldom back down from a fight. Alone, the rovenc is less bold and may often turn and leave than bother with a brawl.

The primary attack of these creatures is their massive forepaws followed by their viscious, tuck-like front teeth. These teeth are used for display, dueling among males and for digging up roots, tubors and burrowing prey animals. Another notable attack employed by these mutants is horrendous belching bellow that they can resonate through the inflatable sacks on their noses. It is quite possible for a rovenc to completely floor an enemy, stunning them into a deafened stupor, with only a single sounding of thier nasal trumpet.

Mutations: Gigantism (+2), Shriek, Visual Impairment

[The picture was found on the internet while I was searching for inspiration on the Word Verification Challenge. I saw it and it screamed Rovenc. The word was close to "rodent". I am not sure who did the pic, but all the credit goes to them, not me.]


  1. HEY! Who you callin' a cheater!!!
    Nice critter by the way!!!

  2. You are! Either that or you bribed the Blogger software :)

    Word verification - Entiog.

  3. Now I'm accused of Bribery!
    What audacity you have!! Clearly beaten and you resort to making accusations to deny your defeat!
    : )

    So are you challenging me with Entiog??

  4. Consider yourself challenged, sir!


    P.S. Should we challenge the other MF bloggers to a Word Verification Challenge.

  5. I think that's a great idea. A word challenge would be most appropriate!
    The Winner gets a free mutation!
    Oh wait what if I roll a defect! ; )
    I'll see what I can do on the Entiog. I won't get too it tonite though.

  6. Very clever - and a great illustration. I use the verification words for Place Names.

  7. Great beastie, Eli! Do you do your own artwork?

  8. I do sometimes. I did not do this one. I am nowhere near talented enough nor do I have the proper tools to do this sort of art.


  9. I was going to ask that same question Angry Man. Great job Eli!

  10. Eli,

    Can you give us a SWAG on about how large you see an average specimen of the critter being?

  11. I can give you the info, but what does "SWAG" stand for :)


  12. I was thinking they would be about the size of a rhino, when I wrote them up.



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