Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Great Blog Find - Lonely Gamers

Hello everyone!

As I bounce about the internet, researching miniatures lines for use with some of my own homebrew minis projects, I am stumbling on many great blogs out there. The most recent find is "Lonely Gamers". Why this gent is lonely, I dunno? His stuff is wonderfully painted and anyone else would be lucky to have his minis on their tables.


Check out his blog as it is a lovely presentation of historical wargaming with a touch of this and that. The author is also very good at posting on events from his area. Most of the stuff there is 28mm but there is the occasional offering in another scale.

Lovely, lovely pics.

Take care,



  1. Aren't we all lonely, I mean we paint up little people to keep us company. ;)

    Nice find and no shortage of pictures on his site.


  2. I love sites like that. They are inspiring. I keep going back and looking at the pics of the Sudan game.



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