Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Strike Out


Demember those goals I set for November? I got a whole ZERO of them finished or even worked on. I can honestly say that when I did work on things, they were not anything on the list. I haven't been in the mood to take on my trolls. I couldn't find any parts to make a jet bike I liked. The Parrot Men were delayed due to a lack of time to research color schemes. I think I seriously have to rethink my projects.

I did get some work done on my long-idle 15mm sci-fi project and even managed to expand on that a bit. Also, I got some painting down on my pulp adventures figures and did some conversions for the pulp sci-fi stuff. Funny thing is, most of this month was about painting which, to be truthful, I hate. I don't have the patience for truly artistic painting.

To add insult to injury, my number of projects has increased in November instead of decreasing. I have managed to get myself possessed with the idea of creating a brand new, first ever 15mm VSF army.

There is a method, but I am too mad to see it...



  1. Oh brother, do I know how you feel. I thought this summer was gonna be SO productive, and pffft. Nada.

    I have got to get at least one unit of ten stinking gex and ten gaters painted so I can play on Venus.

    Excuse me, must go rant on my blog now...

  2. Lol,

    Amen brother. I think, like you, that I must focus on what I have finished instead of what I have not.

    The Laputa project is likely going to be held off until January.


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