Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who's Interested in 15mm Winged Humanoids?

So, my recent journey into Star Frontiers has me thinking about how to do it in 15mm. The alien races in the game are very distinct with one of them, the Yazirians, being a primate with flying squirrel style wing flaps under their arms. Looking at the pictures of the Yazirians made me realize that, except for the head, they are are darned near identical to the High Martians from GDW's Space: 1889 game or visa versa. Star Frontiers came first and who says there is any connection.

The point here is that it would be easy enough to do miniatures for both races by creating a figure that sat happily between the two. The High Martians are pretty beastial looking so only minor variations in equipments and weapons would be needed to move from one to another.

I can see myself buying at least 100+ of these as I'd be using them for Martians and Yazirians.

Anyone else?



  1. Winged Simians ? Lets see what the others have to say :)

  2. The Yazirians are more bestial, the martians look like mutant elves.

    I've always liked the Star Frontiers aliens better than Traveller's anthropomorphic animal aliens.

  3. Honestly, even if they were made more like the High Martians it's be no huge thing to then headswap some more beasier heads. The Peter Pig "wolf heads" could almost pass for them.

    Heck, the crafty sculptor could always give us a seperate sprue of head and weapon options to help us morph from winged martians to winged simians.

    I agree with you on the aliens thing too. My favorite aliens in Traveller are the winged lizard men looking guys and the Hivers.


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  5. That Yazarian anatomy drawing really takes me back. Star Frontiers was my first RPG, too. I can still remember my Yazarian character as the chit marker, moving with his Vrusk partner into a building on the north of the paper map and getting into a firefight...

  6. First SCI-FI RPG, I meant to say. My first RPG was D&D red box...I still remember pulling that off the shelf at Kay Bee Toys in Metro North Mall in Kansas City...

  7. Duck Sauce: Scary. I got my red box of RPG goodness at Skaggs-Albertson's Grocery Store in Dallas. And Star Frontiers was the first Sci Fi game for me too.

    As noted elsewhere, I would probably buy a good 100 of these if I could get flying and grounded poses. Maybe two hundred (100 of each) eventually.

    And the weapon swap idea is a good one. I prefer to attach a hand sculpted holding something to the end of a wrist rather than glue into an open hand, for the record.

    Heads in 15mm would be really close. Well, maybe the Yaz muzzle would be a little much...

  8. I bought mine at Fred Meyers back when they still carried RPG stuff.

  9. I would like some. I did manage to get a pack or two from The Scene awhile ago but the idea of winged apes sounds cool.

  10. I've left posts on the Lead Adventurer forum and TMP for suggestions for 15mm High Martians.

    Only thing close was taking 15mm apes and convert. Kraag seem to slouch a lot. ;->=

    I probably don't need 100, but twenty or thirty would look damn spiffing swarming my Constitution flyer!

    Er, should it get 'airborne'...



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